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Trade Price Wallcoatings

Protect And Transform Your Home

A complete Exterior Repair and Waterproofing Decorative Coating Syatem

The Wallcoating procedure

Six Steps to a beautiful Home...

Pressure Wash

Step 1 - pressure Washing All areas are washed down with a high power pressure washer to remove
all loose materials, flaking paint, dirt and algae, to leave a sound and
clean surface.

Mask and repair

Step 2 - mask and repair All areas not to be treated are masked. All defective or damaged surfaces are removed and repaired with appropriate materials. great care is taken to achieve invisible repairs.

Tyrol Coating

Step 3 - Tyrol Coating All areas are given a light coat with a Tyrol gun. This ensures a 100% uniform finish.

PVA bagging Coat

Step 4 - PVA Bagging Coat The bagging coat is a strong PVA adhesive mixed with cement, applied to ensure boning and adhesion.

Primer slush coat

Step 5 - Primer/Slush Coat Slush is a high performance base coat applied by masonary brush or roller. This penetrates into the surface providing excellent adhesion and weatherproofing.

Final Spray Coat

Step 6 - Final Spray Coat Applied by specialist spray equipment, Tex Card Classic is up to 20 times thicker than conventional paint!

Trade Price Wall Coatings does not employ sales staff, no hard sell. Just information and advice
Should you require a no obligation, free inspection & fully itemised quotation for your property, which will only take approximately 30 minutes, please call, email us or use our Enquiry Form.
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